For the sciences create our future

We provide a wide range of products, services, logistics, and other solutions to the world of life science which continues to grow and improves our lives.

Innovate a healthy society

We provide products and services for medical services and R&D activities that are essential to our lives.

Fujimoto Scientific Co., Ltd.
Professional team for comparator and clinical trials

We provide one-stop support for the procurement of comparator drugs required in the clinical trial.

Borderless problem solving and value expansion

Putting China in the center of APAC region, we accelerate our business expansion and provide our products and services without border.


Technologies for the life. The Life for Technologies

By maximizing the power of our lives through the technology of regenerative medicine, we will continue to provide new products and services for treating diseases and improving health.

DICI (Dojin Institute of Cancer Immunology)
For all patients fighting against cancer

We provide medical services for cancer treatment and cancer prevention through regenerative medicine using immune cells based on patented technology.

DOJIN-KAI Medical Institute
Cancer treatment with hearts

Professional medical staff provide cancer treatment and regenerative medicine services in a comfortable space like at home.


Create a better future with innovative technologies

We develop innovative biotechnologies for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics that are necessary to our lives.

Beacle Inc.
Development of next-generation pharmaceuticals with innovative technology.

We develop innovative pharmaceuticals and diagnostics using unique DDS technology based on bio-nanocapsules.

BioGate Co., Ltd.
Support our medical's future with trusted and high quality technologies.

We provide high quality antibody products for research and diagnostic drugs.


For the better living. For the better life.

We dive deep into our customers' health and find the best solutions for each customer to provide "I wanted this!" experiences.

Turning the power of nature and human into possibilities

By discovering the power of nature and the power of humans, and combining it with superior technology, we create products that are indispensable for people's lives.


Create new values from organic networks

By discovering excellent technologies and organizations scattered in the market and connecting each, we enable the creation of unprecedented value.

For organizations aim to grow permanently

As an investment fund specialized in the life sciences and healthcare field, we support the creation of lasting value for venture companies and SMEs.


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