We are a group company specialized in healthcare and life science.
For the sustainable development of our society,
and for the better living of all,
we create new values collaborating with diverse individuals and organizations.



We believe that an organization is a form of life.
Like humans and other lives, an organization also fatally experiences its life cycle – generation, growth, and declination.
Corresponding to the environmental changes, we always redefine our raison d'etre, and play a role to pass a better legacy to the next generations.



While we engage in a wide variety of businesses in life science and healthcare industry, there is a consistently underlying vision.
In our group, each organization, and each individual exercises its own value, creating synergies which generate greater values for the society.
We, like a constellation connecting stars, envision to contribute to our society through our unique values.


Keima Ueno, CEO
After working at Morgan Stanley and The Boston Consulting Group, joined DOJIN GROUP in 2015.
MA in Interdisciplinary Information Studies from The University of Tokyo, and MBA from Harvard Business School.

The New Normal - innovation to grow autonomously and permanently

The information and technology revolution of the 2000’s has effected full scale changes to life science and healthcare. Innovations have sprung up in staid regulated industries, enabling us to do things we could never have imagined a few short years ago.

We believe that in a world where old truths, long taken for granted, are no longer valid, resulting in a new paradigm where new rules and frameworks are constantly being created. This has necessitated an environment where it is imperative that organizations and individuals think and act autonomously and without fear of change.

We moved to a group holding company system in 2019, creating an environment in which each organization grows autonomously by making independent decisions, with little or no restrictive guidelines and oversight. As well, we are striving to create a system that maximizes the value created by the synergy effects of our group companies.

To this end, we embrace new businesses collaborating with diverse individuals and organizations for the sustainable development of our society and ultimately - better living for all.


Our business portfolio is made up of five major fields.
Each business has an important function related to life science and healthcare, and while exerting its synergistic effect as a group,
we aim to create greater value to our society.


Our customer base spreads throughout more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, and is continuously expanding.
We aim to be a globally recognized group company in the borderless life sciences and healthcare industries.


Company Name DOJIN GROUP, CO., Ltd.
Headquarter 1-44-2, Ryutsu Danchi, Minami-ku, Kumamoto, JAPAN
Founded April 2019 (Establishment as a holding company)
Business Management of group companies.
Representative Keima Ueno, Representative Director and CEO

1-44-2, Ryutsu Danchi, Minami-ku, Kumamoto, 862-0967, JAPAN