Announcement of Acquisition of Shares of Beacle Co., Ltd.

At our Board of Directors Meeting held on August 21st, 2020, we resolved to acquire shares of Institute of Beacle Co., Ltd and make the company a wholly owned subsidiary of DOJIN GROUP.



About the acquired company:

  1. Company name:Beacle Co., Ltd
  2. Headquarter:14-1, Yoshidakawaracho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, JAPAN
  3. Representative:Yasumasa Goh, Representative Director
  4. Business:Development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic agents and reagents
  5. Founded:August 12th, 2002



1-44-2, Ryutsu Danchi, Minami-ku, Kumamoto, 862-0967, JAPAN